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Accommodation Bhutan, Hotel Accommodation in Bhutan
Amankora is a luxury hotel in Bhutan which is a unique circuit of lodges. The suites feature a lounge and bedroom cornered with bukhari, wood burning stove. Valley’s scenic beauty and topography offers tourists a unique opportunity to discover rivers, deep valleys, high mountain passes.
TajTashiThimphu, Bhutan:-
Taj Tashi in Thimphu valley is a gateway to a land of mythology and magic. In the charmed isolation of the Himalayan heights, there lies the ancient and alluring beauty of Buddhism which speaks about every aspect of Bhutanese life and art. Taj Tashi’s location makes it the base for many visitors to explore the kingdom’s monasteries and scenic beauty.
Uma Paro:-
Uma Paro is considered as Bhutan’s first retreat resort. Resort features the most private villas which offer richly ambience and comfortable stay to its visitors. The activity in the resort ranges from yoga to Himalayan camping adventures.

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