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Bhutan Tours, Bhutan Tourism
Bhutan is known as ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Its rich flora and fauna and Buddhist culture has made it a popular destination for tourists. More impetus is put here on happiness of citizens and people breathe in fresh, pure and sacred air of spirituality. The country puts an extra effort to safeguard and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the country.
Tourists would love to view the landscape covered with high hill tops, dense forests, inspiring architecture and mesmerizing flora and fauna. Bhutan is considered as abode of Gods and Goddesses which can easily be seen as Bhutanese have treasured their natural environment and rich cultural heritage.

• Climate Conditions:
Bhutan experiences contrasting and dramatically varied climatic conditions. The temperatures vary greatly between day and night. Bhutan experiences summers, winters, autumn and spring as major seasons. You can feel the chill at night as at night, the temperature falls below zero. Spring and Autumn are very pleasant with warm days and cool nights. The feasible time to drop your feet on land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan is in months of April, May, September, October and November. For experiencing the chilly winters you can plan your trip in mid of November to mid March.

• Bhutanese Cuisine:
The country people are obsessed for chilies. They treat chilies as vegetable instead of spice. They cook them and eat them as vegetables. Bhutanese like to eat bountiful asparagus spears boiled in water and then dipped with butter. Ema Datse is considered as their national dish which consists of a kilo of green chilies cooked with chopped onions and finally smoothened in a sauce made of dates. Non vegetarians can add some pieces of pork or fresh beef.

• Festivals and Events:
Bhutanese considered each event and festival as spirituality crossing their open hearts. The outdoor religious ground is where festival has to be celebrated is primarily cleaned by lamas. The dancers whether monks or layman, dresses themselves in colorful dresses and transform themselves into the deities who they represent on dance grounds. Some festivals and events of Bhutan includes Punakha Tshechu, Paro Festival, Thimphu Festival, Jambay Lhakhag Drup, Trongsa Festival.
The Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan lies on the lofty ridges of the eastern Himalayans mountain chain, fringed by China (Tibet) to the north and northwest, and by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, west Bengal, and Sikkim. Bhutan holiday tours are ensured to be a chilled and religious expertise. Bhutan is dotted with many monasteries and is taken into account home to as several as hundred of them. To Travel Bhutan, you have to either fly up to Paro or like better to take the route to Phuentsholing. This stunning country is choked with breathless landscape and picturesque scenery. More than seventy percent of the land of this country is covered with forest space and is scarcely inhabited or populated. It is considered as a heaven for nature lovers.

Sitting peacefully within the lap of the Himalayan range, Bhutan Tourism offers the most effective views of spectacular mountain peaks. Once you go on a Bhutan vacation, you can notice that it is a unique culture, tradition, and lifestyle. The folks and people of this area are warm, inviting, and alluring.

Bhutan Tours take tourists and travelers to the roots of the country. Tours are easily available by the different travel agencies as Kingdom of Bhutan is a well-known traveler destination. Most tours revolve around the landscape and sweetness of the country. You will be able to visit craft outlets, picturesque landscape, and skill and experience the heritage of Bhutan. If that is not enough, you can conjointly visit Thimphu, which is known as the soul of the country with its design, architecture, quality, ethnicity, and culture. Bhutan holidays, if not planned well are agitated and too packed with activities. If you like a comfortable vacation, choose a travel package that ensures you get to visualize true Bhutan as well as having convenient holidays.

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