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The islands of Maldives exists in-between the trading route of the Indian Ocean. As Maldives experiences settlers and visitors from all neighboring regions, places, countries and continents therefore, Maldivian people have free flow effect in their, dialect, culture, language, beliefs and arts.

Over the thousand species of fishes and underwater creatures inhabit in the waters of Maldivians. The underwater scenic gives enchanting experience altogether. Dives in the Maldives usually takes place along a faru (reef). Night diving gives really a beautiful experience as it allows you to see tiny, interesting and usually disregarded creatures from close up.

Maldives is a perfect place for honeymooners. It is considered as best romantic place as the islands of Maldives are surrounded with deep blue waters, sun kissed beaches, tropical palm trees etc.

• Climate Conditions:
Maldives Island is fortunate enough to experience a soothing and pleasant weather round the year. As Maldives lies near the equator therefore, it usually experiences moderate temperature. Its temperature and scenic beauty makes it a favorite destination place for holidaymakers. During the month of June and July, place experiences adequate rainfall. During November to April, the island remains dry. Altogether, the island remains moderate in hot summer days.

• Events and Festivals:
Eid is an important festival among Maldivian people. They wear new clothes, distribute sweets and experience, and play games on this auspicious day. Maldivians celebrate their independence day on 26th of July. Other important events include Victory Day, Ramadan and Islam Day.

• Food At Maldives:
Maldivians are mainly rice eaters. On their special occasion they prefer eating chicken and mutton. Casually they are fond of fish. Their sweet alcoholic drink called Raa can be served as brew.

Maldives Tours

Think of sand, water and sun along, and one's mind can straightaway finally end up on Maldives, a haven of numerous of coral islands. With its captivating natural beauty, fascinating turquoise blue water, tall palm trees, and white sandy beaches, it is absolute to lure each beach lover to require a visit to Maldives.

For beach lovers, this place goes not less than heaven, as Maldives Tours provide them ample choices to enjoy water sports like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, water sport, wind surfing, scuba diving and kite boarding. In addition, for people who just want to observe, watch out and relax, Maldives has luxurious spa hotels, cottages close to the beaches and cruise boats, illustrious by locals as campaign boats.

Traveling within the exotic and beautiful Maldives primarily takes three forms: ocean planes (air taxis) non-public yacht, and boats. The boats are the Maldivian equivalent of an automotive, whereas planes and personal yachts are principally reserved for tourists. Maldives tourism offers many exciting and cheap tour packages, availing one would facilitate tourists explore the most effective of this country in a very convenient manner.
The climate in Maldives is sort of throughout the year. With sun staring on the lovely beaches, and seasonal monsoon rains keeping the climate temperate, Maldives holiday tours are awesomely pleasant, wonderful, and ideal for tourists. The country is the smallest in Asia and additionally has the smallest population. Some wonderful islands in Maldives that are worth exploring are Mirihi Island, Bandos Island, Vabbinfaru Island, Kanuhura Island, and Nalaguraidhoo Beach.

Diving into the deep blue ocean and experiencing the thick underwater life is one in all the most effective experiences that one will have within the exotic and enthralling tour of Maldives. There are many beachside resorts that supply coaching and opportunities for scuba diving. The crystal clear water offers the diver high visibility of the surfeit varies of underwater creatures. Another activity that tourists with a young heart would undoubtedly wish to try to is surfing the proper and high waves.

Many South India Tours of travel agency offer you the opportunity to have a visit to this wonderful island. This island may be a delight for each ocean food lover. A typical Maldivian meal includes fish and rice.


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