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Nepal Tours, Nepal Tourism
Nepal is considered as land of Himalayas and is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The supreme beauty of Nepal makes it a perfect tourist destination. You can be fascinated with heritage attractions, breathtaking natural beauty and snow capped high mountains, fabulous art and craft. You can make your visit more exciting with delighted adventure tours.

• Climate Conditions:
Nepal experiences majorly four varied seasons - winter, spring, monsoon and autumn. It has a great variation in climate. In accordance of varied places, the climatic conditions and weather changes accordingly. During spring season Nepal’s flora gives awesome beauty, therefore the plant lovers can visit Nepal during spring when countryside is covered with beauty of flowers. The mountain slopes are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers. Spring season starts from early March and continues until late May. May end experiences the beginning of downpour. This continues till late August. With great temperate, clear blue skies and extraordinary mountain views May till October is the best season to visit the country. The cozy winters begins in late November and continues till late February.

• Events and Festivals:
The prominent Nepalese celebration is Dasain, which is celebrated in October. This featival signifies the biggest animal sacrifice of the year. Close by in the month of November, festival Tihar is celebrated where animals are honored rather than being slaughtered. Other festivals include Holi, Maha Shivatri, Krishan Jayanti, Mani Rimdu, Losar etc.

• Religious Tours:
Nepal pilgrimage tours allow you to explore the sublime Nepal. It is the best place to explore the religious sites. As Nepal is considered as land of Temples, the place comprises of various monasteries, stupas of varied Gods and Goddesses existed. The popular Hindu Temple in Nepal is Pasupatinath. Few famous places and rich heritage includes one the largest Buddhist stupa – Boudhhanath stupa and birth place of Gautam Budhha Lumbini.

• Nepalese Mouth Watering Cuisines :
Nepalese best cuisines does not lack in flavor. The dish extensively uses spices, ginger, garlic, coriander, pepper, cilantro, mustard oil, yak butter. The famous dish of Nepal includes Gundrook- Dheedo which is popular among Nepali people and foreign tourists. It is a sugar-free dish made of wheat, maize and dried green vegetable. It gives awesome tastes to your tastes buds. Another delicious and mouth watering dish is Alu Tama which means 'Potato Bamboo Shoots'. It is unique and classic Nepali curry flavor dish.
Nepal is considered as the land of natural beauty that lies in distinctive chain Mountains. This brilliant city is found in between China and Indian nation. An outsized variety of nature lover's visit this incredible city to expertise the rare scenic splendor, tropical forests, rugged and weathered mountains, terraces of corn, cone bearing, paddy and plenty of additional. Nepal Tours are described as the tours where you will be able to get cultural diversity of Hinduism and Buddhism.

This place is additionally the birthplace of Goddess Sita and Lord Buddha. Nepal Tourism includes exceptionally stunning places, low-lying foothills, beautiful scenic spots, nice mountain range, etc. This place has semitropical monsoon and receives seventy and seventy five inches of annual downfall. The tourism in Nepal offers you numerous opportunities to form the trip additional unforgettable and outstanding. Fascinating places of the town build it noted amongst tourists like capital of Nepal, Pashupatinath, Bhaktapur, Pokhara vale, and plenty of additional.

These attractions and places of interest are settled at the convenient location wherever you will be able to reach simply and easily. Nepal Tours permit the tourists to expertise many brave sports like trekking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and many more. Nature lovers will explore Nagarjuna forest reserve, caves, and lakes during their trip to this city. Impressive and wonderful peaks and scenic beauty attracts the eye of tourists and travelers.

Spring season is taken into account together of the foremost visited season during this lovely city because the weather is ideal for traveling. You will be able travel there and skill the foremost exotic places. The climate is cold and atmosphere becomes pleasant in the month of December and January. It is the time of winters wherever you have got to wear significant woolen garments. Folks visit this city to relax and obtain the expertise of meditation and relaxation.

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