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South India Beaches, South India Beach Tours
South India Beaches
South India is famous tourist attraction with mesmerizing beaches and which makes south a perfect destination. You can spend quality time with beaches in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The caostline of the beaches are filled with the serenity and charming imagery of beautiful landscape.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam beach derives its name by a small village in Kerala. this beach lies on the Malabar coast in Kerala and is today one of the favourite destination of tourists. You can relax and spend some time in peace with your loved ones and even all alone. The ravishing beauty is unparalled.

Varkala Beach

Varakala Beach is one of the beautiful seashores of Kerala which is main attraction of tourists . This beach is also popularly known as Papnasam Seaside which is frequently visited by Hindu devotees. The beaxch is known for its purity and piousness.

Marari Beach

Marari beach is a tranquil destination of Kerala which is also a sleepy fishing village located between Kochi and Alleppey. It has an endless miles of sandy beaches swaying palm trees. The famous places to visit near the beach is St. Francis Church and Dutch Palace.

Marina Beach

Marina beach is the longest beaches in Asia. It is the major attractions in Chennai. The beach is located at the center of the town and is is surrounded by some beautiful buildings. University of Madras, Senate house, Presidency College and Ice House. Enjoy the sun rise and sun set at the beach.

Kanyakumari Beach

The famous favorite time pass in Kanyakumari is strolling peacefully at the beach. The nearby temple of Devi Kumari is dedicated to Devi Kanyakumari which is again a plce for devotees to worship.

Maypad Beach

Mypad beach enjoy beauties of Mother Nature where its untouched beauty offers complete seclusion to traffic of city life.

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