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Sri Lanka Tours, Sri Lanka Holidays, Luxury Tours Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is among the most beautiful island of the world. It has been an alluring destination for travelers since ages. Sri Lanka is blessed with natural beauty, dense forests, beaches, waterfalls and therefore huge treasure of natural wealth exists here.

A rich vibrant country welcomes its visitors with great warmth and heartfelt gratitude. Travelers visit Sri Lanka to explore the hidden treasures of this island. The popular beaches, spectacular scenery, historic temples and rich culture add value to this tourist destination. Holidays spent in Sri Lanka are the excellent way to remain closer by to nature and enjoy the utmost pleasure of the tropical and pleasant climate of the country.
• Climate Conditions:
Sri Lanka behold tropical climate with dry and wet seasons. The two monsoons Yala (May- Aug) brings rain to southwestern half, while the Maha (Oct-Jan) brings rain to North and East. Tourists can flock to Sri Lanka throughout the year. This has been because the weather remains pleasant throughout the complete year. The best time to drop down here can be somewhere between December to March.

• Events and Festivals:
Duruthu Perahera is an important Buddhist event which Sri Lankans celebrate on large extent. The rites and ritual of Sri Lanka can be easily visited in temples of Colombo. Another important festivals include Thai Pongal, Ballon Festival, May Vesak, Esala Perahera, Poson and Katargama, Vel, Deepavali, Unduvap

• Ayurvedic Tours:
Srilanka is a deeply religious country. There is wide variety of religious sites which attracts many visitors around the world. Famous Buddhist temples and shrines attract travelers from every nook and corner of world. Few among the famous ones are Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Maligawa, Dambulla Cave Temples , Mihintale, Anuradhapura ,Ritigala, Aluvihare Rock Temple, Adams Peak (Sri Pada)

• Sri Lankan Cuisine:
The staple diet of Sri Lankans is rice, which is either consumed boiled or steamed. It differs from one region to another. To add more tastes to this rice, people love to add curries. Sri Lankans make variety of curries which flavored spices. If you are fond of fishes and sea food Sri Lanka is the best place to hop on. Therefore, a typical meal would comprise of fish curry and rice. This can be added with coconut, onions, chilies and lime juice to add more flavor.
Sri Lanka Tours are understood for its excess of deep-sea fishing, with it usually a foresaid that a person will merely throw his net out and forth will pull it back with fish of all species. For this reason, many tourists and travelers spend their vacations in Sri Lanka to easily participate in fantastic Deep sea Fishing. The Indian Ocean close Bentota is made with shark's groupers, Tuna, Red & White Snappers, Barracuda, and therefore the outstanding Wahoo, creating a morning spent deep sea fishing a well-rounded fantastic expertise.

Sri Lanka is not solely the lustrous Pearl of the ocean; however, it is one in all the foremost exciting and amazing locations for your next tour or vacation. You may be enticed by the well off diversity of sights and sensations that this small island has got to supply. Step into the island and find out the elegance and charm hidden inside it. In this way, Sri Lanka holidays could prove to be the best ever, memorable and pleasant holidays of your life.

Sri Lanka Tourism combines pristine beaches, wealthy culture, ancient and historical temples hidden within the jungle, tea plantations gardens, rain forests, tremendous and overwhelming nature reserves and biblical scenery. All these have forever been an integral part of this wizardly island that lies on the coast of South – eastern India.

Anyone craving for a comparatively pristine destination not overrun with western tourists, with an impressive tradition of welcome - can realize it in Tour to Sri Lanka. The smile can stick with you long once you end the trip here. Anyone craving for a visit of import and content, with wild nature and animals, mighty long rivers, dense jungles, abundance of distinct animals and an ancient developed civilization that began here before about thousands and thousands of years will only find it in Sri Lanka tours.

Luxury Tours to Sri Lanka explore the natural and scenic beauty of the ancient cities and towns. These tours will make you spend the vacations in the stylish and luxurious hotels with character, charm, and enchantment. They are quite expensive as everything you will be provided with, during your journey is extravagant and luxurious.

Everyone is welcome to the country that managed to take care of its nature reserves full of reptiles, mammals, predators, and wild elephants. Many Indian Travel Agency provides comprehensive holiday and tour packages to Sri Lanka at the cheapest and affordable rates, so that customers can enjoy their trip to the fullest.

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